Charles Cooper

Artist Statement

I freely combine observation, memories and dreams into images that capture a sense of the undercurrent of untidy feelings and emotions behind my private universe. Often my work, which is based on an intensely personal vision, begins with observation, but my ideas follow the currents of my imagination and what emerges from the making process. Through the chemistry of art, I transmute this private world of my immediate surroundings and familiar objects into something that resonates deeply with a broad range of possible interpretations that express the complexity of felt experiences. Through imagined narratives, I explore this interior landscape to find connections to broader and more universal themes we all experience as human beings.

My creative process emphasizes execution and discovery. I depend on intuition and improvisation to open my work up to subconscious thoughts and feelings. My paintings and drawings come from an exchange between my initial ideas and what emerges during the struggle with materials and the formal concerns that surface during the making process. I revise, layer and juxtapose ideas in a process characterized as much by indecision as decision-making. Drawing is central to my creative process. The directness, immediacy of drawing and its notational quality promotes a kind of freedom in my creative process that I try to maintain from start to finish.